How To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest

Vishal Yadav

How To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest : Hello friends and welcome to our blog !! Pinterest has a lot of potential to drive traffic to websites and has proved this in January by bringing in more referral traffic than Twitter which is among the top 10 most visited websites. Now, our job is to tell you how to get maximum traffic to your blog from Pinterest. We have mentioned some important points here, which you can easily increase the traffic of your blog by reading.

1. As we know, Pinterest is only about describing things with pictures, so why not offer pictures that attract more attention.

For example, suppose I shared Quotes on Durga Puja such as “Happy Durga Puja 2020” and I shared this picture on Pinterest and on the photo I gave a link to the website post so that if someone google this term If we search, it is obvious that our picture will also show in Google’s image search result, if someone clicks on that photo to download, then they will be redirected to our blog.

2. If possible, humor should be pinned in the picture, but it should not be removed from the subject, otherwise it will negatively affect your reputation.

Now, why the humor?

Because, humor is the only content that everyone wants to share after reading and therefore increases the chances of repins and the like.

3. Pinterest is the only social media sharing website where it doesn’t matter how many followers you have

Because your pin is visible to everyone using Pinterest. Therefore, instead of focusing on growing followers, it is better to focus on reps, likes and comments on your pins.

4. Here boards come, categorize your boards wisely.

For example if you have a post about Facebook, it is better to have two boards with one name and you write social media with the other name and it will make you pin the same stuff twice without getting stupid or frustrated. Gives the right to Also, do not put the same material on two boards at the same time, keep a delay of a few hours.

If you pin keeping the above suggestions in mind, you will see the difference. Happy pinning !


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