5 important tips while you create a website/blog

Vishal Yadav

In today’s time, anyone can create a website/blog and can optimize it, just you should have innovative ideas so that you get a good response. To start any website, you will not need a huge investment, you can make your website by investing a small amount and you can earn money by writing articles on it. For your information, almost all the people who are students of computer science work on the website and learn something new as well as earn some money. So friends, in this post today I will tell you some tips to make a website.

Why to Create a Website?

  • To Improve programming, designing and solving skills
  • To Earn Money
  • To Explore your passion to the world
  • Making others to learn by teaching your skills
  • To Improve Online Marketing

Choosing a Domain Name

In creating a website, first you have to choose a name related to your business which will be known by your domain name. The thing to note is that the smaller the domain name, the better it is because people have no problem remembering your domain name.

Buying a web-hosting account

Friends, I just mentioned above that a lot of investment is not required to build a website and here I am asking you to buy a web-hosting which can cost around 50 to 70 dollar (I just talked about shared shared hosting price )

But friends, if you do not have a budget of 5000 rupees, then you can join free platform like a blogger  , but I will recommend you to invest money in hosting if you want to earn money from the website.

Some web-hosting companies

1.Blogger.com (free)

2.Hostgator (paid)

3.Godaddy.com (paid)

4. Hostinger (paid)

Having some basic skills

If you want to customize your website according to your needs then you will need html, css, jquery, javascript, php and some technical skill. For your information, we can tell you that there are many such CMS platforms with the help of which you can make your website professional. Like wordpress

Writing Quality Content

You do not have to leave this way after creating a website, if you want to earn money from it, then you have to write the content on your website and remember that the content should be yours and not copied from any website. You will need to work hard here. The more you write different content on your website, the more people will like your content and your website will rank. Which will also benefit you.

Maintaining proper navigation

Once the website is created, you have to write the content on your website according to the domain name, with this you will have to put Nevegation on your website, which can properly define your website so that the incoming audience knows about your website correctly. Could.

If you have some questions, you can comment and tell us.


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