How to check iPhone Battery Charge Cycles

Vishal Yadav

You may have never seen a problem of unexpected battery draining issue on your iPhone and you cannot find out the reason why the device is there or you are curious to know if the battery is still enough to give peak performance. , Checking the cycle of the iPhone battery can remove doubts. However, the battery of the iPhone increases over time. And when it becomes too weak to take tasks with the same efficiency, you can see a significant reduction in speed and a drastic reduction in battery life. In some cases, a damaged battery can cause the iPhone to shut down randomly. Thankfully, you can check your iPhone’s battery cycle to find out if the battery is ready to change.

How to Check Battery Cycle Count of Your iPhone

Understanding Battery Cycle Count of iPhone

Here you will definitely wonder what is the battery cycle? Well here we will try to understand you in simple word Battery Cycle means that the consumption used by you after charging the battery at once.

Suppose you have charged your iPhone 100% and then run out of 70% battery before plugging the device in again for charging. Now, your next cycle calculation will start only after exhausting the remaining 30% of the battery.

How Long iPhones Can Deliver Peak Performance?

According to Apple, the iPhone battery can hold up to 80% of its full capacity at 500 full charge cycles in normal usage. Keep in mind, the actual scenario may vary depending on those tasks, it also depends on your usage.

The problem starts when the number drops below 80%. And things like longer app launches, lower frames, and the sluggish performance become an ideal. This is a clear indicator of a bad battery that needs to be replaced.

Find Out the Battery Cycle Count of Your iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and Choose the  Privacy option.


2. Next, scroll down and Choose the Analytics & Improvements option.

iPhone privacy

3. Close Analytics Data option .


4. Next, you will now see some files in alphabetical order. By scrolling down you have to find the “log-aggregated” files and tap on it, but first you can be sure that you have selected and kept the most recent log.


5. After doing so much, you will long press on your screen, after this the option of Copy will come, then select all and select

6. Now, launch the Notes app in your phone, then paste the copied text here.


7. Now you click on the share / menu button, after that select the option with Find in Note. (aka Control/Command+F which we use on a computer).

8. After this, you have to search by entering the battery cyclecount in the search bar. .

After doing this, you will see some text highlights.

Note: The “log-aggregated” files might not appear if you haven’t enabled iPhone data analytics feature on your iOS device. 

Keep a Track of Battery Cycle Count of Your iPhone

So, this is the way, you can find out the total battery cycle count of your iPhone. Considering how important this feature is to monitor battery health, Apple should offer a quick way to track cycle counts without adopting a roundabout route.



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