7 Best Alternatives of Google Keyword Planner, You Should Try

Vishal Yadav

7 Best Alternatives of Google Keyword Planner

google is constantly making changes in the features of its Google Keyword Planner. Only recently, they have made a change where users whose budget is less than the prescribed base limit and cannot see the exact results, will be presented with data in the range of values, instead. This is not very useful, especially when users are trying to find the best keywords for their ads. Some have even claimed that Google’s move only pushes the field of games in favor of larger companies that can pay more money for a device than, say, a startup. That’s why we’ve made a list of 7 Google Keyword Planner options that we think would be useful:

1. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a desktop application, available for both Mac and Windows. The application is extremely powerful, and can do everything that Google Keyword Planner can do and do it faster. Long Tail Pro is a paid application that comes with both monthly and annual payment options. There is also a 10-day trial available for $ 1, which you can try before deciding whether or not you want to continue using the application. The test is full-featured, and as such, it is definitely the best choice for Google Keyword Planner.
keyword planner alternatives
Users can create projects in the application, and each project can have as many keywords as the user wants. Also shows contest ratings for each keyword. Users can see the top Google results for keywords, overall, the application is definitely worth a try, and will help you find the keywords used to target your ads.

Buy ($1 trial, $37/month monthly plan, $25/month annual plan)

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another great tool for analyzing keywords, as well as finding the top keywords in your competition. SEMrush provides users with a heap of information on the keywords they search for. Information includes price such as search volume, number of results, CPC distribution, as well as search trends for keywords. In addition, SEMrush also provides related keywords along with its search volume data.

keyword planner alternatives

Users can also use the SEMrush tool for free, just by signing up on the SEMrush website, you can use it with some limitations, however, the number of results can still be very helpful for users.

Use SEMrush (free, paid plans start from $69.95/month)

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is similar to SEMrush in the way it works, except that SpyFu does not require users to sign up on the website to use its services. The data provided by SpyFu includes metrics such as search volume (both local and global), cost per click for keywords, and related keywords. The number of related keywords displayed by the website is limited to 5 in the free version, although users can register for SpyFu’s services and receive many related keywords related to the website.

keyword planner alternatives

The website also displays results like the most successful advertisers for keywords, and even displays the rankings of various websites from time to time in the form of a graph, and helps to determine whether a particular What is the performance of which website on Keyword?

Use SpyFu (free, paid plans start from $49)

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers a lot of features that users can use for free, with limited functionality. However, the functionality provided by the limited edition of the tools clearly shows that Mojo Pro is a good tool for keyword research and indeed a lot of other purposes. Notable among the host of features offered by Mojo Pro is the weekly tracking of keyword rankings for both the user’s own website, as well as competitions. The website also provides users with comparisons of their website’s rankings with their competition in over 200 countries.

keyword planner alternatives

These also provide keyword research tools, and allow users to evaluate the most important domains on the web, as well as offer site crawling services. There is more that Mojo Pro gives users to help improve the SEO performance of their website and rank their websites better.

Use Moz Pro (free, paid plans start $99)

5. Keyword Tool Pro

Keyword Tool Pro is a tool that can help the user find relevant keywords on their website which will have high search volume and little competition. It presents more keywords to you than Google’s Keyword Planner, and exposes users to High Keyword options, allowing users to select from a wide list of keywords, and select keywords that contain other The level of competition is low compared to keywords. It would prove difficult to rank on it. This tool uses the “autocomplete” feature of Google search to detect hidden keywords that are usually omitted by the Google Keyword Planner. It uses the autocomplete feature from various sources including YouTube, Bing, Amazon and even the App Store, which allows users to access keyword data from a large number of sources.

keyword planner alternatives

The tool offers a free version for those who want to try it out before paying for the Pro version, although the free trial only shows keywords relevant to the keywords searched by users, and all other data Hides such as search volume, cpc and other important details. However, the tool offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so if you pay the tool and it is not what it offers, you can ask for a refund within 30 days, and you will get your money back.

Use Keyword Tool (free, paid plans start from$48/month)

6. Term Explorer

Term Explorer is yet another suite that comes with a variety of tools that allow users to perform multiple operations; One of which is good, profitable keywords that they can use. The website provides free usage for 5 keyword searches, after which users will have to sign up to continue using the service. Term Explorer looks at the requested keywords and provides relevant metrics to users like that monthly searches, the average cost per click, the difficulty index for the keywords in question, as well as the relevancy of

keyword planner alternatives

Once users search for the keywords they want, they can download the report generated as a CSV (comma separated values) file, or as a white label PDF. Term Explorer also provides a bulk keyword tool to view multiple keywords at the same time. User search volume, cost per click or PPC competition. You can also sort the results according to

Use Term Explorer (free, paid plans start from $34)

7. Market Samurai

Market Samurai is another application for keyword analysis, which is available for Windows and macOS. It offers a free trial version for download, so that users can use the app before deciding whether they want to purchase the full version. Market Samurai streamlines all important search engine marketing functions, and tries to keep the intelligence of the entire market at the disposal of the user. The application allows users to create projects within which they can search for keywords and examine various contextual metrics, including total searches for keywords, average daily searches for keywords, as well as ongoing trends.

keyword planner alternatives

Use Market Samurai (free trial, pro version at $97)

Try These Alternative of Google Keyword Planner for Your Next Campaign

Although Google is making frequent (and sometimes undesirable) changes to its keyword tool, users can switch to any of the 7 options we describe in this list. These optional tools are as good (if not better) as the Google Keyword Planner, so it can help users do all the things that the Keyword Planner can do, or something else. So, the next time you are cursing Google Keyword Planner to remove a metric or an attribute, you can choose one of the tools you have chosen for us.


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