What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) super power, Where is India, America and China stand for?

Vishal Yadav


The race for Artificial Intelligence of India and China has many factors – technical, geographical, political. The competition for becoming an artificial intelligence superpower is between China and the United States. If we look at the figures of Artificial Intelligence (AI), India is currently at about tenth position. It is worth noting that changes in this area are so rapid that in a few years India can emerge as the biggest superpower.

In this race of artificial intelligence, most of the countries of the world these days are in one of the three camps – with America, with China or free and neutral in this race of Artificial Intelligence. As is evident in the Butterfly effect, the whole world is bound in a coz-eftext relationship. The impact of every event leads to another event that is difficult to predict. The corona pandemic engulfed the whole world, in fighting this huge level, countries all over the world adopted the most advanced technology. Camera vision helped in the use of masks, social distancing and contact tracing. There are many use cases in every country, for the first time in the world any technology was used from this wide scale. There are currently around 2000 AI start-ups in India. Many enterprises are using these solutions, which has led to an unexpected boom in this technology.

China launched a three-step program in 2017 to become the World Leader of Artificial Intelligence by 2030. According to the plan, universities were created for the study of AI and the industry was given many discounts and incentives from the government to use AI. The main objective of China is to set up an industry of about 150 billion dollars by 2030 and use it for military and smart cities. China holds many patents for artificial intelligence and there is both research and application on this subject.

NITI Aayog in India has started working in an institutional way for Artificial Intelligence in 2019. National e-Governance of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in June this year

National Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal of Nasscom has gone live with the support of the Division. Talking about the figures, according to Orion Market Research, India’s Artificial Intelligence expenditure in 2018 increased by 109.6% to $ 665 million. By 2019-2025, India will pay $ 11,781 million on AI, registering 39% Compound Annual Growth (CAGR). If we talk about private industries, Google has given $ 10 billion fund for digitization in India. At the same time, Facebook is investing $ 5.7 billion in Jio. There are four million software developers in India these days and by 2024 we will be the country with the largest software developers in the world. The number of developers working on this has increased rapidly by AI.

The more data AI is feed, the better its analysis will be. For this reason most of the world’s AI software is open source. Chinese companies have now removed their open source code from many free sites, this has increased mistrust of China not only in developers but also in many companies. In addition, there have been reports of human rights abuses using AI and privacy abuses in China’s use of software and hardware. If the countries of the world do not trust China, then there is no question of its becoming a world leader. These days, some countries in the world have canceled contracts with Chinese company Huwavei in their 5G technology. Donald Trump has said that there is a threat to privacy from China, with the recent Trump’s cancellation of Huwavei’s contract in the UK saying that it was because of what he said. Countries of the world who are looking for an alternative to China, see possibilities in India. Investment in India reflects this trend. On 15 July, Jio announced that they had built a completely India-made, world-class 5G solution and they would start testing it from next year.

If this solution works properly then it will be used not only in India but in many other countries that are looking for an alternative to China.

After Corona, AI companies have adopted AI solutions to work safely. Out of these, camera vision has better protected manufacturing floors of many industries. Preventive maintenance – Prevent him before he becomes an accident. Seeing the pattern, bring attention to how to improve it. Many such solutions from start-ups in India are completely made in India. Works with AI video and high resolution images. The computer vision solution analyzes live camera feeds and produces real-time results. It is used to reduce the accident in manufacturing – such as sms, whatsapp or a public announcement system is alerted in a few seconds after a fire, then the fire is quickly extinguished. Similarly, whenever the distance between two people is reduced in the live feed for social distancing, the alert goes off. A new revolution – Industrial Automation Solution – Industry 4.0 has started. With the help of Internet op Things in smart manufacturing, machines are connected and can do their own work without any person and can identify small errors in time and fix them or alert them so that the person can break the machine. Let’s fix it first.

The hardware used in AI deployment is manufactured in China, but their intellectual property rights are with US companies such as NVIDIA and Google. India has the necessary software developers for this race of AI, but to be completely self-sufficient, it is necessary that India also set up industries for manufacturing AI chips. The path is long and difficult but there is hope and steps taken in the right direction. With the encouragement and investment of the government, the country is moving fast and one day may be able to overtake China.

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