Top Five Best Blogging Platform in 2020

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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in this post on our website today, we are going to tell you about the Top Five Blogging Platform where you can start Blogging according to your convenience as we all know that blogging is the last few Blogging has become very popular over the years and will go even further into the future. Blogging has put the power in the hands of online users to publish their skills, expertise and ideas on the web. It still remains an essential part of online communication and manages to engage and educate the online public. Blogging is still one of the top online activity in the world and is very appealing to children from the age of 21 to 35 years.

So friends, in today’s article, we are going to discuss the top blogging platform which includes, WordPress vs Blogspot vs Tumblr vs Quora Vs Medium After reading this article, you will be able to decide well on which platform you should be blogging on. Want

What are blogging platforms and why you’d need one?

Friends, sharing your knowledge and experiences with others is called blogging. You can share your knowledge either in your family, surrounding area or school. Or you can create a blog website through the internet and share it with the whole world. Blogging platform is such a craft from which we share our posts, if we speak in easy language, then blogging platform is a medium where we write our content. Just like a medium is needed to make water flow, a better platform is needed for blogging. Blogging platforms are in use by thousands of online brands and Fortune 500 companies. Having your place on the Internet means a lot and it helps you empower the world with your skills, experience and knowledge. If you have a small business and you want your information to reach a lot of people, then blogging makes your work easy so that you can access your content with anyone around the world.

The rise of Blogging Platforms

Friends, we are going to share a screenshots with you where the data of various blogging platforms are shown, in this screenshots you will easily see that Tumblr is a blogging platform that made its ship in the world of internet after 2009. And since then no blogging platform has been able to take off this platform.

Top 5 Best Blogging platform to get started in 2020 



WordPress is a great platform for blogging which came in the world of internet in 2003 and since then the number of users on this platform has been increasing continuously, more than 70 million (60 Million online websites) on this platform. The website has been created which has more than 10 million top blogs on the Powered by WordPress platform.

This platform has two variants, one is and the other is Let us understand how much difference there is between the two. में आपको  पहले से ही wordpress installed रहता है जिसका उपयोग करके आप अपने ब्लॉग को इंटरनेट पर लाइव कर सकते है लेकिन अगर आपको फुल कण्ट्रोल चाहिए आपके website /blog पर नहीं होगा क्योकि यहाँ पर काफी चीजे आपको लिमिटेड मिलेगी , आप यहाँ पर ज्यादा customization नहीं कर पाएंगे |

WordPress.Org is an open source blogging platform where you can create your website / blog and make it live on the internet. The specialty of this platform is that you will be able to customize your website / blog according to your blog. You will be able to easily make any changes in this, you will have to manually install wordpress on your server. In this platform, you will need the knowledge of a little web server.


  • Completely customizable
  • Scalable  (up-to a certain extent)
  • Huge community support
  • Tons of Plugins and Themes


  • Becomes highly complicated once scaled

WordPress is best suited for

  • Individual bloggers
  • Publishers
  • Businesses
  • Sophisticated websites


Blogger is a free platform owned by Google and was brought to the world of internet in 2003 and it is believed that it is the first blogging platform oat too old. In this platform you do not need any kind of hosting, this is a free hosting forum, here you are given a free Subdomain which can be installed on your website with the extension of Apart from this, you are also given the features of Earning, with the help of which you can earn money, in this you get Inbuilt Adsense, where you can submit ads on your website by submitting it. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that you cannot customize freely like wordpress. There is a lot of limit on this from google.

If you want to say an individual blogging then you should go with this platform or you are a beginner and want to learn blogging, then this platform is best.


  • Easy to get started
  • Plain interface
  • Hardwired with Google AdSense and Analytics


  • Not suited for full-fledged websites
  • Everything owned by Google
  • Can’t sell or resell the blog

Blogspot is best suited for

  • Individual bloggers
  • Authors
  • First time online publishers



tumblr is an American based microblogging and social networking website that was discovered by David Karp in 2007. However, if we look worldwide, this platform is used a lot. According to a report, there are over 220 million blogs and over 100 billion Blogpost on this platform.

This platform is good for those who want to post a short content or they want to do a micro-blogging. If you are thinking that using this platform for business purpose then it is not a good option.


  • Micro-blogging fusion of Twitter and full-fledged blog
  • Simple interface and easy to get started


  • Owned by Yahoo, ads might be on their way
  • Not good for long article blogging

Tumblr is best suited for

  • Young bloggers
  • Micro-bloggers
  • Image and short-text centered writers or bloggers.



Medium is a new platform in the blogging world that was discovered by Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2012. This is a social journalism platform where you do not get the complete customizations, however here you are given a full-featured WYSIWYG text editor with the help of which you will be able to write your content well and have access to the logo Digg and Reddit Like here, you are given the option of up-voted or Favorited on the post.

On this platform you are given community interactions, in-built analytics, great SEO and beautiful layout which according to me is necessary for a blogging platform but the only drawback is that you cannot customize it in your own way. |

Medium is a great platform for blogging that reaches your logo content to maximum people. You do not need any coding knowledge of any kind to use this platform.


  • Clean and minimalistic interface
  • Easy-to-read and Write layout
  • Great social community
  • Potentially very large audience


  • No customizations
  • Poor content discovery feature

Medium is best suited for

  • As a secondary blog for Writers
  • Freelance writers and authors
  • Industry professionals


Friends Quora is a very popular website for question and answer. This website was launched for Online User Blog in 2012 and since then it has remained in its rank. Quora is very popular among industry professionals and knowledgeable and experienced people. According to the report, the monthly average view on a user’s post comes to around 30,000, if you talk about the same topic, then on average, more than 300,000 topics are posted from this platform in a month, then you can guess how much Popular website is for blogging. Quora has a string of interesting questions and answers and its vaguely qualified users have answers to all types of questions you may have. Quora’s blogging platform does not allow you to do completely professional blogging.

If you want to reach a lot of your audience, then this is a very good platform through which you can also bring traffic to your personal website / blog.


  • Strong and active community
  • Interesting content


  • Lack of customization
  • Not suited for personal blogging

Quora as a blogging platform is best suited for

  • Industry professionals
  • People with some established authority
  • As a secondary blog for influencers

Here we come to the end of a detailed comparison of the best blogging platforms in 2020. What do you make from these platforms? If you have a favorite platform left, leave your comments below.

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