How to Secure your Twitter Account

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How to secure our twitter account : Accounts of some of Twitter’s famous people were hacked on Thursday. The accounts that have been hacked include Elon Musk, Bill Gates, JeffBezos and Apple account. By hacking these accounts, hackers have tweeted promoting cryptocurrency scams. In addition, similar posts have been made from the accounts of former US presidents Barack Obama, Ken West, Kim Kadarshian West, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Mike Bloomberg. Explain that due to hacked Twitter account, important information of users can be stolen and with their help, things like bank fraud can be carried out. In this case, follow these tips to avoid hacking Twitter account.

What we do or not

  • A Twitter user should create a strong password of 10 characters.
  • The uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol of the keyboard should be used when setting the password.
  • Users should create a separate password for each social media account.
  • Personal information such as phone number, birthday should not be used while creating a password.
  • Dictionary words such as i Love You should not be used while creating a user’s password.
  • Do not use a sequence number like abcd1234 when creating a password.

Adopt this best practice

How to secure our twitter account

  • Using a one-time password with log-in verification can increase the security layer and thus keep the account more secure.
  • Must add email and phone number for password reset.
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links on the twitter.
  • Do not give username and password to any third party, who offer to increase followers and make money.
  • Always check that your computer software and browser are up to date. Also use anti virus in phones and laptops.
  • Please crosscheck the URL once while logging into Twitter. Always log in to or

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