How to put Face ID or Touch ID lock on Facebook messenger ?

Vishal Yadav

Facebook messenger : Hello friends, welcome all of you in this post on our website today, we are going to tell you how you can increase your security level by applying Face ID or Touch ID lock in Facebook Messenger app from your iPhone or iPad. However, you will know that these features have already come on Whatsapp messenger app.

Lock Down Facebook Messenger with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone or iPad

To get this features, first you need to go to your Apple Store and update the messenger app. App Store -> Profile -> Messenger. Now, hit the Update button to update the messaging app.
It is worth noting that when you lock Facebook Messenger on your iOS or iPadOS device, you will still be able to answer notifications and call messages.
What about protecting your Face ID or Touch ID information? Facebook Messenger states that it will neither transfer nor store your Face / Touch ID data. Therefore, you should rely on the Facebook-owned messaging app to keep your device safe.

1. Open Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or iPad. (फेसबुक मेस्सेंजर को ओपन करे )

2. Now, tap on your profile at the top left corner of the screen. (अब अपने प्रोफाइल फोटो पर क्लिक करे )

3. Next, tap on Privacy. ( अब Privacy -सुरक्षा  वाले Option को क्लिक करे )

4. Next up, tap on App Lock. ( अब आप App लॉक ऑप्शन को दबाये )

5. Up next, turn on the switch for “Require Face ID/Touch” toggle. ( अब “Require Face ID/Touch” को On करे )

Now, you may get a popup asking you to confirm the action, tap on OK. (अब आप Ok बटन को दबाये )

6. Finally, select how soon you want the messaging app to lock after you leave it. There are four options to choose from:( इतना सब करने के बाद आपके स्क्रीन पर 4 ऑप्शन दिखाई देंगे )

  • After I leave Messenger
  • I minute after leaving
  • 15 minutes after leaving
  • 1 hour after leaving

Here you can select any option according to your convenience.

By default, “After I leave Messenger” This options is already selected if you want to change this setting you will change easily by clicking ” tick ”

After all this, the Face / Touch ID will open in your phone where you can enter your password.

Enable App Lock for Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad

So friends, this was a way with the help of which you can put Face ID / Touch ID “lock on facebook messenger on your iPhone or iPad. However, let us know that Facebook is supporting many features on its various messenger platform day by day. Recently, Facebook has brought dark-mode features on whatsapp, so friends, how did you like this article, if you have found this article helpful, then you will definitely comment by commenting.

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