How to check battery health in OnePlus Devices

Vishal Yadav

Hello friends, welcome all of you in this post on our blog today, we are going to tell you how you can check the battery health of OnePlus mobile, although Apple has given this feature to its iOS and iPadOS devices. I like this new feature, but I’m very sad that Android still doesn’t support this feature natively. I don’t understand why companies who hesitate to provide more information to users of the devices they own, thankfully Google is not waiting for OnePlus to release Joficher. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can check battery health on OnePlus devices.

Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices

We are going to use OnePlus Diagnostic app here to check OnePlus smartphone battery health. This app is pre-installed in OpePlus Devices, if you do not have it installed in your phone, then install this app.

Note: Make sure that install unknown APK is enabled on your phone. To do that, go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps, and enable the feature for the browser that you are going to use to download the APK.

01.  This app is not available on the Play Store, so by clicking this link, you can download this app if it is not pre-installed on your phone. click here to download the APK.

2 . After downloading, install this app in your phone.

3. Open the app, click on “View battery status” option, by clicking here you will be able to see the battery health of your phone.

Know When to Replace your OnePlus Smartphone’s Battery

If your battery health is showing up to 80%, then you do not need to change your battery of your phone but battery status shows up to 65% -70% then you should think about changing your phone’s battery.

This application supports Android 6.0 or above Verson of OnePlus, I mean to say that you will support all OpenPlus phones coming after OnePlus 3.

Check your phone’s battery health and tell us if you need a battery change.



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